A Robot for Caelan

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I'm trying to be a good influence on my baby nephew. Robots.


Neon Scribbles

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Giving the wacom a much needed work out. This time in Photoshop with insomnia.

Click for huge.




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A foxy doodle


Today’s Doodles

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A Whale

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As part of a new project Im working on, I modelled this blue whale, to see if it was feasible. I spent about an hour modelling this, which bodes well.




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Markers for me.

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So I spoiled myself and bought some markers.

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So we made some stuff.

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@Molyjam went according to plan. Able codesman @Kamunki created our top down engine from scratch, with AS3. I manipulated some pixels and ink. Together we made stuff up.

The result was Babies (and possibly snakes) on a Plane. A top down co-op puzzler based on @Molydeux's tweet:

"Game in which you must comfort children on a plane who are afraid of flying, game mechanic is similar to spinning plates."

So our interpretation was:

"A puzzle game where you Samuel and your partner Samuel have to keep the babies on the plane from freaking out and shitting themselves. Work together or get in each others way. The game gets harder every minute."

We turned children to babies to up the ante. this allowed us to use nappy rage indicators (white, yellow, brown) and rage thresholds, making the danger more immediate. Players can't pass through each other, so have to avoid blocking as they rush from baby to baby. Every minute the babies get  repositioned and another demon spawn  baby is added. Pretty simple, we knew from the beginning that in order to make our goal achievable we had to keep it simple. This left us with a pretty strong core to expand upon. So while the end product isn't going to be winning too many fans, we've got some great ideas in the pipeline, to you know, make it into an actual game. Possibly including snakes. I'll post the result.

I was disappointed by the lowish turnout and the apathy I'd encountered along the way. But I was very surprised by the number of people (all of them) who finished and had something to present at the end of the day. It was a great way to spend a weekend, thoroughly enjoyed it. I can't think of a better way to get yourself motivated and making stuff. From then on it's infectious. As anyone can tell you, if you want to make games, you should start by making games. Regardless of whether or not they suck. Just get makin'! You only stand to gain. I have a bunch of exciting projects coming up, two of them are as a result of the game jam.

Thanks to Littleloud for sponsoring the beer and pizza, pretty sweet. Also Jo Summers and Edd Parris for making it happen.

Babies (and possibly snakes) on a Plane: the game


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Molyjam Aftermath

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Had a brilliant time with @kamunki. Very indulgent. I'll be posting an indepth post mortem just as soon as I've had some sleep.

With special guest star.




Molyjam Brighton

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Molyjam takes place this weekend, I'll be teaming up with @Kamunki. I'm guessing he'll be doing the majority of the code and I'll be doing bits and pieces as well as the graphics, possibley audio.

Here are some of Molydeux's ideas I'll be considering:

  • Imagine if instead of reading a bedtime story to your child you played a 10 minute portable adventure game that generated random storylines?
  • Game in which you must comfort children on a plane who are afraid of flying, game mechanic is similar to spinning plates.
  • I also love the idea of playing a character who is PRETENDING to be blind, so you have to keep bumping into things to not arouse suspicion

These two combined look promising, but perhaps a bit complex for 48 hours:

  • Imagine carrying a radioactive baby in a pitch black environment, your baby would act as a torch. Rocking the baby intensifies the glow etc
  • A survival horror game where you have to sing lullabies to your 2 year old to stop them from screaming/crying and giving your position away

@Kamunki has a baby, Ninja, so I have a feeling the baby theme will prevail.


Games, geekery, tech and games – a brief introduction.

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After jumping through hoops for a month, is finally back up. I'll be using this platform in an attempt to contribute towards indie game dev and getting people excited about games. My goal is to let people know that making games is not an exclusive club, inhabited by developer stereotypes, but is accessable to to anyone with a bit of creativity, whimsy and a large amount of determination.


Since arriving in Brighton from South Africa nearly 3 years ago, I've mostly found game folk (designers, devs, journalists etc.) to be a friendly and supportive bunch. Especially the Indie guys, they're inspiritational, pioneering the types of games people who love games want to play, without the safety nets of AAA.

dotBrighton has been an invaluable resource for both knowledge and motivation. Anyone reading this that wants to make games, get involved in whatever community surrounds your particular interest, or is even vaguelly associated to it. If you're not fortunate enough to have something like dotBrighton, a hackspace or gamejam in your area, get involved online, the community is vast. Better yet create your own local community, you'd be surprised by the number of like minded people looking to participate in both learning and sharing.

Get involved, make stuff.

Right I'm off to scour Peter Molydeux's twitter feed for material. The international What Would Molydeux gamejam is on the way. Here is Wired UK's feature if you'd like some narrative.