Gravity, engines and normals

02. Gravity, engines and normals.

I’m currently restructuring the vehicle suspension and propulsion systems. Currently the default vehicle has an overall suspension system, which covers the entire model. This was only a starting point and I’m updating it with a 4 point system, where the anti grav area isn’t the entire underside of the vehicle, but 4 specific areas, like you’d expect from a normal car. The advantage being that the vehicle deals better with inclines and I can tweak the suspension of each point. The vehicle also just looks a lot cooler in the way it moves and reacts to gravity.

In relation to dividing up the anti grav system, I’m also experimenting with breaking up the engines. So the thrust will be representative of the ion thrusters on the vehicle, which I can then position to have a vehicle that is pushed and pulled from different positions. Instead of just a generic centrally placed area of thrust. So different vehicles can now have variation on how they behave, depending on where I position the ion thrusters. I’ll also be experimenting with steering the different thrusters in relation to each other, depending on the intended action. This will enable things like strafing and better maneuvering.

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